The most valuable way to connect your digital asset trading and custody with a network that instantly clears payments and transactions.



Easily integrate with premier trading venues and view your consolidated balances and activity in a single, easy-to-use and intuitive app



Securely connect your custodial accounts to world-class exchanges and OTC dealers



Rapidly communicate between your custodial accounts and exchanges and OTC dealers. Boost your trading profitability


Our mission is to create a unifying digital asset clearing network that is secure and seamless. One that connects and benefits all of our users and partners including traders, custodians, and exchanges.

Designed & developed by a dedicated team

We are passionate about creating value for our users and partners. We bring decades of technical and capital markets expertise in our quest to do so. We understand what it takes to run a trading operation and have built a unique connectivity solution for the digital asset space. A solution that simply works.

company description

Strike Protocols is a New York-based financial technology company. The company builds and operates a network that connects digital asset and fiat currency custodians, individual and institutional traders, and exchanges. The company’s technology enables secure and rapid clearing of payments and transactions. Strike provides high-integrity pre and post-trade processes to increase capital and operational efficiency without compromising security.


Want to increase capital efficiency, simplify operational complexity, and reduce risk?
Signing-on to the Strike Network costs nothing, and the benefits are real immediately.

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