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Acquiring and storing crypto assets has never been simpler for the institutional investor.
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Introducing Strike Enterprise Wallet

The ultimate crypto wallet for institutional investors

The Strike Enterprise Wallet makes superlative performance so simple. And that’s precisely why it’s the ultimate crypto wallet for institutional investors looking to access and connect to this dynamic ecosystem. Seamlessly, securely, and simply.

Effortlessly easy to use

So easy to use. So simple to access. The Strike Enterprise Wallet does all the heavy lifting for you. Here’s a snapshot of how effortless it is.

No installation necessary

No need to install any hardware or software.

Intuitive user interface

Just point and click. And you’ll be up and running in minutes.

One platform for all balances

Easily manage your fiat and crypto balances, and integrate balance management and execution with authenticated counterparties. All on a single platform.

No key anxiety

No need to worry about the pain of safeguarding your own private keys.
Now you can seamlessly, securely, and simply connect to the broader crypto ecosystem to acquire, settle, and store crypto assets. All in one place.
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Adaptable institutional compliance

The Strike Enterprise Wallet has been specifically designed to ensure institutional compliance. Here’s what its enterprise features can provide.

Company compatibility

Fits readily into your company’s operational policies, processes, and procedures. This is no different to the standards you demand in traditional financial markets.

Customizable configuration

Determine and easily implement how you wish to run your crypto asset activities, and who the allowable counterparties are, setting your own parameters.

User permissioning

Control who within your organization approves which activities.
This enterprise-grade crypto wallet will fit and adapt to all your company’s needs. 

Stellar security & safety

With built-in security and safety in mind, the Strike Enterprise Wallet is probably the world’s safest wallet. Here’s why.

Cutting-edge cryptography

Provides best-in-class cybersecurity to give you much needed peace of mind. Strike has partnered with GK8, cryptographic technology experts, to bring you this much needed solution.

Virtually impregnable

Hackers stand no chance. Because our wallet utilizes a unique and patented “air-gapped vault,” a one-way signaling system. This is never online and thus impossible to reach.

You're in control

Rather than relinquishing control of your crypto assets to a third party, we give you full enterprise autonomy by employing secure MPC (multi party computation) protocols with up to 20 approvers. All without compromising performance.
You can sleep at night, knowing your institution’s crypto assets are utterly safe and sound.

Market access made functional

The deliberate design behind the Strike Enterprise Wallet allows you to acquire, settle, and store crypto assets simply.

Consolidate balances

Link all your crypto assets and fiat balances in one place.
Consolidate Balances Screen

Manage settlements

Point & click to initiate transfers, settle transactions, and connect to authenticated counterparties & destinations.
Move funds Screenshot

Coordinate approvals

Customize approval processes and authorities. Finalize transactions with biometrically-verified approvers.
Coordinate approvals screenshot

Schedule a demonstration

Schedule a 15-minute appointment for an overview of the Strike Enterprise Wallet, or a longer time for a more in-depth Q&A session. We look forward to hearing from you.

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