Acquiring and storing crypto assets has never been simpler for the institutional investor

Simplify and navigate your business around this emerging asset class within your total portfolio.

Hedge funds & investment managers

The Strike Enterprise Wallet frees you to focus on optimizing returns

  • Your wallet is available anytime and anywhere. Coordinate your firm’s activities with effortless ease, institutional integrity, and stellar security. All while constantly under your control.
  • Global liquidity is just a click away. Simply access all of the world's leading exchanges from your wallet.
  • Do it all on a single, fully integrated platform. Manage instant fiat currency transfers and settlements on SEN or Signet alongside your crypto asset activities.

Corporate treasuries

Preserve and grow the real value of your firm’s assets

  • It’s a true corporate asset with virtually zero credit risk when your crypto assets are stored in this wallet, which is constantly under your control.
  • Earn substantial yield pickups versus underlying fiat currencies because simple access to crypto assets, such as stablecoins, is now possible.
  • Know that the assets you’ve acquired to preserve your purchasing power are stored in probably the world’s safest wallet.

Registered investment advisors (RIAs)

Provide your clients with a crypto access solution they desire

  • Create a tight bond between you and your client without the need or worry of maintaining custody of their balances.
  • Your clients maintain title and ownership of their crypto assets while you manage them, thanks to easy-to-use permissioning and approval features.
  • Access the full range of crypto asset services for your client’s benefit, such as execution, lending, staking, and other return enhancement strategies. All from a single platform.

Family offices

Protect your wealth with the world’s safest wallet

  • Be safe. No need to take chances. Know that your assets are secure in what is probably the world’s safest wallet.
  • And because it’s under your control, you’re don’t have to rely upon 3rd-parties, regulated entities, or sovereign states to protect your wealth.
  • While you never have to worry about the anxiety of safeguarding your own private keys, they are always available to you if and when you require them.

Market makers

Grow your business and your network

  • When you connect to Strike, you’ll gain exposure to our growing network of institutional investors.
  • Plus, you’ll gain a seamless connection for the settlement of transactions between you and these institutional investors.
  • Grow your business with the Strike Network and the first enterprise wallet and access solution designed specifically for institutional investors entering the crypto asset space now.

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